Upholstery Cleaning Phoenix

Living in Phoenix, Arizona can be extremely dusty and can cause allergies during our few seasonal changes. Factory Fresh understands that being healthy is a main concern for people. That is why we encourage our customers to receive routine upholstery cleanings in Phoenix. Having your upholstery and mattress cleaned routinely will attribute to a healthier immune system by eliminating Pollen, Dust, Dander, and Pet Hair.

Factory Fresh understand that upholstery cleaning in Phoenix comes in different fabrics and styles. That is why we test the fabric before each cleaning. Our certified technicians use specially formulated cleaning solutions to leave your upholstery soft and feeling like new. That is why Factory Fresh is above the competition in upholstery cleaning in Phoenix. Once your upholstery cleaning is complete we offer an upholstery protector to prolong the life of your furniture.

Factory Fresh cleans ALL fabric including leather. Our process uses minimal moisture. Fast dry time!
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All of our cleaning solutions are pet and baby safe