Carpet Cleaning Phoenix Truck-Mount Steam

Carpet Cleaning Phoenix

There are a lot of choices in the Carpet Cleaning Phoenix market. Our company strives for excellence. We are able to give you the best carpet cleaning in Phoenix because we invest in the training and state of the art equipment. Factory Fresh uses a truck-mount steam cleaning combined with safe, strong cleaning solutions. Our steam gets to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature provides you with the best carpet cleaning in Phoenix. Your floors will be left clean, fresh, and sanitized.

Dry time is the main concern for customers when scheduling carpet cleaning in Phoenix. We use high speed floor fans to decrease the dry time. Our certified technicians will advise you on the necessary steps to help your floors dry in a timely manner.

Pet stains are the most common reason people call to have there carpets cleaning in Phoenix. Our pets are more often inside during our hot summers in Phoenix. Accidents happen and that is why Factory Fresh specialize in the removing pet stains and odor. We lead the competition in carpet cleaning phoenix by having a reputation for stain and odor removal.

Factory Fresh sets itself apart from other carpet cleaners in Phoenix by using an RX-20 Restoration Tool. This deep cleaning Restoration Tool is used on every job! Other carpet cleaners in Phoenix use a wand or dry cleaning equipment. That carpet cleaning in phoenix equipment is good but can’t even come close to providing the results that the RX-20 can. The RX-20 provides 650 cleaning passes per minute! Nothing can beat the cleaning of this carpet safe restoration tool.

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All of our cleaning solutions are pet and baby safe