“To provide the most outstanding service experience ever”

We do this by following our 5 values:

Value #1: Reputation.

Factory Fresh Employees are expected to follow procedures and guidelines to maintain a strong reputation for the company.

Value #2: Experience

Factory Fresh is experienced in every type of floor and fabric known to the industry. We care for the finest carpets, rugs, floors, and fabrics in the industry. We are experienced in all types of soiling conditions. We take every opportunity gain new experiences to keep us on top of our game.

Value # 3: Education

Factory Fresh believes in educating ourselves, our clients, and those that refer our services. By educating ourselves, we stay on the cutting edge of technology. By educating our clients, they become more knowledgeable about cleaning. This helps them to make better choices in their cleaning needs.

Value #4: Systems

Many cleaners use outdated equipment with components that do not work properly. At Factory Fresh, we use the finest equipment and products available in our industry. We have technical and customer service systems and procedures because it helps us to predict the service outcome. If we do not follow the system, we are taking a chance at not fulfilling the mission.

Value # 5: Guarantee

Factory Fresh offers a customer satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee does not have anything to do with whether the carpet came clean or not. It is based solely on whether the client feels they got what they paid for or not. If they are not thrilled with the job we do for them, we will return at no charge and no obligation to redo the job.. We do this because it protects our reputation. It keeps us from having people talking badly of Factory Fresh in the community.

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All of our cleaning solutions are pet and baby safe