Mattress Cleaning Service

It is common for people to forget that their mattress needs to be cleaned just as often as their upholstery. Protein from our bodies, skin, and dust are easily trapped into your mattress. This decreases the life of your mattress and can be pricey to replace. Protect this investment and sleep in a truly clean bed by having your mattress cleaned regularly.

Factory Fresh understands that every mattress cleaning service is different. That is why we train our certified technicians in cleaning different mattress materials. We offer a steam cleaning with low moisture. This allows us to give you the most sanitized mattress cleaning service with a quick dry time. All of our matters cleaning  services are performed with hypoallergenic cleaning solutions.

Once your mattress cleaning service is complete, we offer a protector to help prolong the cleanliness of your mattress. This will help prevent staining and wear after your mattress cleaning service is complete.
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All of our cleaning solutions are pet and baby safe