1. What is an RX-20 tool?

Factory Fresh use a RX-20 rotary extraction tool in order to get the best cleaning possible.
The Rx-20 has a unique agitation extraction that breaks down dirt. It makes 650 cleaning
passes a minute. This is a carpet safe tool that leaves your floor clean, fresh, and restored.

2. Is Dawn or other kitchen cleaning solutions okay to use on my tile and grout?

Some solutions can damage the tile and grout. Make sure the safe solution you choose is
Ph7. This is rarely found on the bottle and is required by law to be on the MSDS sheet of the
product. If you use anything below Ph7 then it is considered an acid and will destroy the
grout every time the ground is wet.

3. Can you refer any products for me use in between cleanings?

Cosco sells a neutral floor cleaner that we recommend using between cleanings. It is four
dollars and makes 128 gallons. Make sure your floor is sealed properly before using. An
unsealed floor can attract more oils when not cleaned by a professional.

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All of our cleaning solutions are pet and baby safe